Katie’s Birthday

Katie’s birthday was…quite a while ago (two Fridays ago). I’m just not getting to the computer much these days.

Oh, actually, I was waiting for my in-laws to come down with their presents so I could just do one birthday post…yeah…

Since Jenny’s birthday is only a few weeks away, Nana thought it best to just give both girls their presents at once. They already own the dolls but they got the desks and school supplies and school clothes for their birthday. Very appropriate for this time of year. They love the gifts, of course.

Katie took birthday money from my parents and bought this stuffed dog. Because she needed another stuffed animal. Of course. Every girl needs another stuffed animal.
She was thrilled when the delivery man arrived with her present from Daddy. Bill has decided to make himself a tough act to follow. Imagine her in ten years: “What? You didn’t get me flowers? My daddy always gets me flowers! You obviously don’t love me.”
It was difficult to beat the smiles generated by that present, but at least my gift is a bit longer lasting. We’re moving into the big girl years with pierced ears. Next, it’ll be high heels and make up…

One thought on “Katie’s Birthday

  1. Happy Birthday (belated and early) to your daughters.
    I love the “tough act to follow”. That's the way it should be! šŸ™‚ However, a psychologist once said children (generally speaking) grow up and marry someone like the same sex parent. I hope so … my daughter will marry one helluva man! LOL! Just kidding. Thought that was interesting.

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