Check it out

The best jobs are when somebody pays you to do something you do for free most of the time anyway.

Maybe I shouldn’t admit that?

P.S. That photo is my second oldest son hugging my husband when he returned home from his year long deployment in 2004. Bill’s friend came with him for our private reunion just so he could take pictures for us. It was another 10 days or more before the friend got to see his family.

5 thoughts on “Check it out

  1. Way to go! The article is great and that picture of your son and husband made me a little teary.

  2. How exciting! Congratulations, Michelle!

  3. It reads well! Good Job! In the comments secton: that Navy wife was a little hard core you think? I'm sure there's been many times I'd have loved to just say “suck it up” but that's often a phase not well received…though tempting.

  4. That was very good! I think someone needs to teach the Navy wife the term “hike up your skirt”. So much more ladylike… 😉

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