Fresh Minty Smell

All I really want is for the kids to keep the bathroom doors closed.

OK, that’s not all I really want. But it’s a good start.

I do have to admire her resourcefulness. She was thirsty, and the door was open. So she climbed up on the counter, sat in the sink and poured herself a cup of water.

This is Mary, of course. The other “she”s in the house know how to get a drink properly: whine.

But yesterday at dinner time, Mary had disappeared. She was right there, and then she was gone. We sent out a hunt, but she fooled us. She now closes doors behind her so we don’t know she’s gotten in. Clever little devil. She was in my bathroom and had gotten her hands on the toothpaste. That blasted Colgate has toddler-friendly flip tops. I really wish Crest would start putting coupons in the paper.

Anyway, there I find her with her hands full of toothpaste. She sees me and knows she’s being naughty, so she runs and tries to hide…behind my bathrobe. The one I just washed the day before.

The one that now needs to be washed again.

One day I’m sure I’ll look back and find this all very funny. That’s why I blog it, right?

2 thoughts on “Fresh Minty Smell

  1. Right. And it is funny. But only because it was you and not me. 🙂

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