Ten Minutes

“Go get the phone,” I told Fritz as I was putting Peter’s shoes on so we could leave for VBS. He dutifully ran for it. “Answer it!” I yelled after him. Normally my kids fetch the phone and let me answer it, unless the special ring indicates it is someone they know. There was no special ring, and I had no idea who it was, but I knew if he didn’t answer it, it would be sent to voicemail before it got to me.

“Hi, Dad!” I heard him say. So glad I sent him for that phone!

We talked for just ten minutes – I had to go. But as I drove to church, I realized I had a smile on my face, and the day, rainy and cool though it was, seemed so lovely and bright.

All because of ten little minutes.

4 thoughts on “Ten Minutes

  1. 🙂

    Ain't love grand?

  2. Don't I know exactly how that feels!

  3. Yeah! I'm glad it was a good phone call too! I always wished there was someway to have caller id for those deployment call lines too, so you can know when to dive for the phone and when to let it go to voice mail. But then you never know what kind of phone they might have gotten hold of…or whose…so I answered a lot of solicit calls during deployments.

  4. You always make this postpartum, hormonal lady cry.

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