Waiting for Godot to Call

If you are waiting for a phone call, it can be very frustrating and a test of your patience. Here are some tips to make that phone ring right away:

1. Rock the baby to sleep four rooms away from the nearest phone where you can hear the ring, but will not be able to get to it before it goes to voice mail.

2. Go for a run on the treadmill.

3. If you take a shower, you must leave the phone in another room. Taking the phone with you guarantees that it will not ring.

4. Lie on the couch with the baby who was prematurely awakened from her nap. Decide that a few minutes to rest your own eyes is a great idea. I think Mom-naptimes are the best generators of phone calls. I usually get an average of one for every 15 minutes of dozing.

Unfortunately, though the phone may ring, it may not be the person you wanted to call. Try again the next day.

5 thoughts on “Waiting for Godot to Call

  1. Or try sitting on the toilet. Works for me EVERY time!

  2. Run that one little short errand you absolutely, knowing you'll be back in less than half an hour.

  3. Thank you for sharing that web site of the Flag Ladies. It was nice to see your husband and it was something I didn't know about.
    I hope that I can encourage the New Neighbors Club for their Christmas project to send to them. We've done Patrick Air Force Base for the children and USO but the base takes care of their own. We've sent directly to guys we knew but our in country contacts are back home now. So I'll pass this on to the executive board and hopefully……

  4. This sounds very similar to the list of ways to induce labor! (It includes sitting on your friend's new white sofa.)

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