Condiments: It’s What’s for Breakfast

I give her a bowl of cereal, and she has a few bites.

She waves off pancakes and waffles. Although she will chug the syrup if you leave it in her reach.
Toast: she licks off the butter.

Bagels: she sucks off the cream cheese.

She yowls to get into the fridge and selects…tartar sauce with a toddler-friendly pop top (oh, yum!). I have to hide the sticks of butter in the back or she will peel and eat them like bananas.
Sometimes she gets into the ketchup.
Frequently she wants grated Parmesan cheese.

Today she ate a bowl of spaghetti sauce.
At her 18 month old well-baby check up, the doctor was pleased with her weight gain (from the 10th percentile to the 25th). I didn’t want to tell him it was the condiments.

4 thoughts on “Condiments: It’s What’s for Breakfast

  1. Hang in there-just think, if you can keep this up (the hilarious “single-mom” blogging tidbits) by the end of it all you will have a book you can publish! I am thinking “condiments” has to be in the title somewhere! :-)))) mcm

  2. That is hysterical. Don't worry, my toddler ate ranch dressing and All Bran Buds his entire second year. He's eating much more normally now.

  3. That's funny! It beats Little Brother's toddler breakfast of tuna sandwiches. I just can't deal with toddlers with tuna breath at 7 AM. Really turns the stomach!

  4. I needed a laugh. Your Mary is always good for one!

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