Mary’s newest word is “Hug.” This is accompanied by the sweetest embraces and slightly moist, delicate kisses. She is not frugal in the delivery of her affection, and I am frequently made to sigh, “Oh, I love this age.”

But then I will have the audacity to peel a banana, or to remove the stem from a strawberry – my only excuse, forgive me, is that she is incapable of peeling them herself and that she preferred me to take the green part off just yesterday – and her inconsolable fits of writhing and crying on the floor remind me how much “I hate this age.”

3 thoughts on “passionate

  1. These toddlers are psychotic, aren't they? Penelope turns on a dime, one moment laughing, the next screeching, and then again giggling while she wipes the tears out of her eyes. Crazy.

  2. im right there with ya!

  3. LOL! Love this post!!

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