Not sleeping through the night

At some early hour of the morning, I was awakened by a 4 year old who was incapable of expressing his needs and wants. All I got was moaning. Groggily, I got up and put him on the toilet. He went. Great, I thought, problem solved. But no, he continued to moan. I put him on my bed, but he flailed. So I put him on the floor next to the bed. His wailing grew louder, but I managed to roll over and go back to sleep.

At another early hour of the morning, I was awakened by an 11 year old who was complaining that the calamine lotion was not helping to relieve the itching of his mosquito bites. “Sorry, honey,” I muttered, “go back to bed.” He left, and I took the opportunity to check the floor for my earlier distraction. The floor was empty. Sleep, though, overrode any curiosity I may have felt.

At 5 AM my alarm-that-has-no-snooze-button went off. It’s a cute alarm, but the early wake-up has gotten annoying after nearly 21 months. 6 months ago, it was automatically set to 4 AM, so I am grateful for the little progress it is making in adjusting itself to reasonable hours.

I fetched the alarm clock and looked around her room for the 4 year old, since that is where his bed is. Not there. Interesting, I thought. I took the little alarm clock back to my room and looked harder at my floor. Only the dog looked back at me.

Early morning snuggling with the alarm clock usually only gets me 15-20 minutes of light dozing, but I guess she was really tired today. It was nearly 7 AM before she decided it was time to get up. Fritz had been puttering in the sunroom outside my bedroom, heard me talking to her, and came in. “Have you seen Peter?” I asked. Negative. Perhaps he’s in the girls’ room, I thought. Or….

I got up and looked under my bed. Sure enough, there he was.

After my coffee, I got the camera and went to get a picture, but just then he came out of my room. “Mommy, somebody put me under your bed,” he said. Sure, son, little elves were playing a trick on you, and on me too.

3 thoughts on “Not sleeping through the night

  1. I can only imagine the thoughts that could have been running through your head. Is he in bed? No. Flushing small toys down the toilet? No. Flushing JEWELRY down the toilet? No. Running down the street naked? No, and let's all thank him for that. Under the bed? Ahhhh.

    Great post, I'm glad I tuned in today. You gave me a good giggle.

  2. Bwahahahahahaha, I laughed outloud.

    Poor guy.

  3. You are a better mom than me. I would have been laughing so hard that it would have woken him up immediately. 🙂 You, at least, let him sleep.

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