Woman vs. Wild

Me against the lawn with only a mower to protect me.

It was not a pretty sight. The back is swampy woods with 3 foot high vegetation or bare dirt dotted with dandelions or moss with spiky weeds or lush beds of clover. The front includes a steep hill; sandy, rocky soil with sparse grass and weeds; a huge bed of insidious English Ivy; a dozen trees to mow around; and deep channels of soil erosion.

I managed to avoid sunburn, and kept dehydration at bay with ice cold lemonade breaks (the drinking of fluid from elephant dung was, fortunately, unnecessary). I did get one nasty blister on my hand from the mower before it occurred to me to put on work gloves, and my right shoulder is very sore this morning.

It took all day, but I now have 3/4 acre covered with trimmed “grass.”I think I’ll have my husband teach me how to operate the riding mower before he goes.

6 thoughts on “Woman vs. Wild

  1. Way to go, girl!

    I wonder if my boys would be as interested in watching you mow your lawn as they are in watching that disgusting Man Vs Wild. Actually, they prefer Survivor Man because of the elephant dung type of yuck in the former. I watch that and I'm sure I'd just rather die.

  2. I can hear you roar, darlin'.

  3. Yes, I was mowing while dh was away on TDY. I ran out and bought work gloves the next day after the blister…and the sore shoulder I got from pullilng the start cord over and over. Boy are those things stubburn. It's a funny day in the hardware store when you stare at a self propelled mower with lust.
    I wonder if they have easy start features yet? Of course there are landscape lawn care folks we could hire…so don't be shy about that if you need to delegate this man job.

  4. I send Matty out to do mine. He puts on the headphones and away he goes! We do tag team sometimes. I wish I were your neighbor. We could tag team and take turns serving the lemonade.

  5. Big Brother recommends bicycling gloves for lawn-mowing.

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