Home again home again jiggity jig

I enjoy traveling, but I really enjoy coming home to my own bed and my own pillows.

Took the kids on The Loch Ness Monster and my first thought was, “Oh boy, I’m going to toss my breakfast,” and my immediate second thought was, “I am getting so old.” Later, I dragged Fritz on Alpengeist (he’s the only one of my kids tall enough to ride), and when it was over, so was he. For the rest of our day, he contented himself in taking Mary on the kiddie rides.

We’re at a point now where half the kids can ride most of the rides. They are also old enough to go on certain rides together, but without adult supervision – namely the ones involving centrifugal force. I stopped enjoying those a decade ago.

Side note: an overcast Tuesday in early June is the perfect time to go to Busch Gardens. The lines were short and the streets uncrowded. And there was no brutal sun beating down on us all day long.

We only had a few hours yesterday to go to Colonial Williamsburg. An adult ticket costs over $36! You can walk around for free, but there isn’t much you can go inside to see. Since we had so little time, we walked around for free. I considered it a scouting mission. Definitely worth returning to, but I think we’ll save it for the annual “Homeschool days” where all tickets are $5.

Besides Williamsburg, we went to Jamestown and Yorktown. On the way home, it happened to be Katie’s turn on the DVD, and she had happened to select Felicity – set in Colonial Williamsburg during the Revolution. “Wow, great karma,” I told Bill. He reminded me that in the West we call that “Providence.” Either way, it was a perfect cap to an educational and fun trip. Pictures and more details when I get to it.

5 thoughts on “Home again home again jiggity jig

  1. Michelle,
    Homeschooling Days is a great way to do Williamsburg. If that doesn't work out schedule-wise, though, you qualify for a half-price teacher discount every day. We learned that a couple of weeks ago when we went. I never would have thought to ask, but the clerk asked our kids if they were already out of school. When she learned they were homeschooled, she automatically discounted our tickets.

  2. Thanks, Elizabeth. Half price is much more palatable. I'll keep that in mind when planning next summer's fun.

  3. Love Busch Gardens. Are they still doing the “Here's to the Heroes” promotion? The kids dragged me onto Apollo's Chariot last year and I cried. It was the highlight of their trip 🙂

    When do they have “homeschool days” at Williamsburg? We may have to check that out!

  4. Glad to hear you had fun. Sounds like Fritz inherited the weak stomach from someone on his father's side. : )

  5. What? No side trip to the College of William & Mary?

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