4 thoughts on “No good comes out of evil acts

  1. I like your bulletin board and thoughts. I do not “like the death penalty” but agree that in some cases it must be served. Ted Bundy was one case that I think even to him it was a relief to be done. Honestly, I had mixed emotions about the news today. I am not sad he is done working…just wish his heart had changed and he would have traveled the world telling of the great sadness of abortion, the lies of “pro choice” and his changed heart.
    Blessings to you, T

  2. This murder made me sad.
    So misguided.

  3. Like Laura, the first words out of my mouth when I heard the news were “How incredibly sad”. Sad that a life is ended prematurely, even one as misguided as this one was, sad that someone felt so desperate and felt that there was no other option but to kill this man, sad that a man who went to church and actively participated in church felt it was okay to kill babies; and sad that the pro-abortion crowd can now paint all of us as hypocrites. Only God can make good come out of this.

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