Two for the Road

As my husband writes in his Memorial Day post, we are listening to Rolling Thunder all day and night this weekend.

“Mommy!” Jenny runs in breathlessly. “There’s a man here on a motorcycle!”

Peter’s eyes were gleaming with excitement.

It was just a coworker stopping by because his son needed a potty break, and we were a convenient stop. They used the facilities, declined lemonade because the sky looked threatening (and likely because Bill and the boys were not home), and were on their way. Peter, the girls, and I stepped outside to watch them go, the roar of the engine quickening our pulses and painting silly grins on our faces.

A few weeks ago, Bill was disappointed when he pointed out a very pretty bike on eBay and I told him that he couldn’t have it.

It had only one seat.

3 thoughts on “Two for the Road

  1. Hee hee.

    Hey, if you need some help or company let me know. I still need to get down there to see you. 🙂

  2. I love your blog!

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