Katie’s First Holy Communion

This was two Saturdays ago, but I’m finally getting around to putting up pictures. (Forgive me, Katie, I’ve been a wee bit busy.)

Katie and her friend Eva.
Katie and her Godparents, Uncle Glenn and Nana.
Katie. I made her dress, originally for my niece, Morgan. It was lovely not having to worry about sewing my own daughter one. I did contemplate making her a veil, but after considering my long list of to-dos, and after a brief look at the inexpensive, but quite beautiful, options on eBay, I wisely delegated that task to a third party.

5 thoughts on “Katie’s First Holy Communion

  1. so cute! congrats to katie

  2. Congrats! She looks beautiful. Love the veil.

    Abigail celebrated hers too. She had been practicing on the tounge,and they let her for her first communion, but then she got thrown off at Mass the next day when they made her take Him in her hand.

    We’re going to have to remind her on Friday for daily mass…(hoping I remember).

  3. BIG congratulations to Katie! God bless you!

  4. Congratulations!

    Beautiful dress.

  5. I just love that dress! She looks so pretty!

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