Quick Pics

No time this morning. Did I mention my entire family is coming to visit this week? They begin arriving tomorrow!!

Saturday: Met Danielle Bean! Here’s my proof.

She gave a nice talk on avoiding burnout. Isn’t that something we all need to hear right about this time of year? I tried hard to not act like these women. I managed OK. I think I fooled her into thinking I was a calm person.
I only saw one other blogger, and she was from NY. Maybe they don’t blog in New Jersey?

Sunday: Here is how I know that Lent is over at my home:

Yesterday he exchanged his spent quarter keg for a 1/6 keg of something else. He’s not sure he’ll finish it before he goes. He’s planning on taking a month off work. I don’t think he’ll have any trouble.
This morning (and most mornings): Man vs. Squirrel

When he first started this, I was a bit upset. But he’s proven to me, time and again, that the BBs don’t kill the squirrels. It only makes them stand at a distance and chatter for a few hours before they come back for more bird food.
Have a great day!

7 thoughts on “Quick Pics

  1. I can handle the squirrels. If only the deer would go away! Maybe I should give Xavier permission to use them as target practice.

  2. We could use him over here to get a particular squirrel that always invades our bird nests. 🙂

  3. Two of my favorite people in one photo. Not. Fair.

  4. Big Brother wants to use his pellet gun on the mockingbird, but I’m having none of that.

  5. JMJ
    Michelle! Wow! You look terrific! It’s been ages, I can’t even remember when we last saw each other…last summer maybe?! 🙂 Happy Easter! I just saw the Angoraknitter about 2 weeks ago. Didn’t even realize Susanna is THE Angoraknitter…how ignorant was I! Anyway, one of these days when I’m organized enough we will have to get together. Ciao bella.

  6. You ladies are radiant! Doesn’t Danielle have a thousand watt smile?

    I could use the burnout talk and apply it to my life about now. We’re making that USN move to HI in June. I’m freakin’ a bit, ‘cos we’ve never done this kind of move (just up and down the East coast). My girl is dragging her feat with her final English test and book report (Seton). My youngest is done for the year.


  7. Great pic of you and Danielle!

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