Let them eat eggs

I don’t normally buy sugary cereals for my kids. That stuff is so unhealthy. Instead I encourage them to eat homemade waffles and pancakes…

…drenched in cheap “syrup” whose #1 ingredient is corn syrup, followed by high fructose corn syrup

…and generously topped with spoonfuls of powdered sugar…

…and, if they are lucky, on top of that, they may get some whipped cream straight from the aerosol can…

(my kids are all set to work at IHOP).

But I promised them, since I had coupons, and it was Easter, I would let them each pick out a box of cereal at the store.

That stuff is expensive, especially considering I could have bought 2-1/2 boxes of Bisquick for the same price…

…and fed them pancakes every day for a month…

…and this stuff will last a week…

(if I’m lucky).

Chocolate Lucky Charms (blech). Who thinks of these things? I would rather eat Dove bars with my morning cuppa. I seriously think it would be healthier.

6 thoughts on “Let them eat eggs

  1. I grew up with boring cereals like shredded wheat and puffed rice.
    (They were also cheap.)
    Oh it was a joyous day when my mom would buy some Quisp or Count Chocula.

  2. I’m completely with you! Now that our son is a teen he will eat an entire box of cereal at one sitting. Who can afford that!!! I try to limit cereal to twice a week around here.

  3. Mau, I think my 8 year old can eat an entire box of cereal at one sitting.

    I have recently made them start observing the portion size on the side of the box. That’s how much they get a day. Then, they have to eat an egg and fruit to go with it. But, they’re rarely allowed cereal for breakfast.

    Instead, they eat it for an oh-so-healthy afternoon snack.

  4. I used to let them have it as a snack, too. Then I went on an anti-snack rage when I realized my skinny kid was only eating snack food. My kids think pretzels and goldfish are a treat.

    I am so mean.


    Cap-n-Crunch is pretty good too. It’s funny now that I’m old I don’t even bother with breakfast anymore. I haven’t had cereal in over a decade.

  6. It’s funny you think of Bisquick as the cheaper option…I’d never really thought of it that way, because it take so much longer to make pancakes then a bowl of cereal…but I guess since you put it that way, it does make sense…does a box of Bisquick really last more than a week? It always seems like a special meal in our house, lol.

    I push the maple (pure maple) and that’s not very cheap at all ($4.80a bottle)…and then there’s all the standing around waiting on the cakes to be done…one at a time). My DH calls the other stuff “chemical swirl.”

    Not satisfied with the fiber and nutrient content, I also add milled flax seed (vit E, fiber, good fat source) and oat bran (more fiber) to the pancakes (and berries after I’ve made the boy his fruit free cakes, he hates fruit). And usually I’ll add some apple sauce so I can sneak some pectin/fruit into that boys diet. As long as he doesn’t see me do it, I’m home free. 😉

    We do cheereos and wheaties (no sugar added) and for the girls we usually add sliced fruit on top (strawberries, bananas, or raspberries if they were on sale).

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