She’d be photogenic if she’d sit still

Trying to get a nice Easter picture, but the baby would have none of it.
Same dresses as last year – I’m glad I asked AngoraKnitter to make them big.
Why does the best pose of the baby have to be the blurry one?
Yes! We have her sitting! And blinking!

I was trying to get a picture of her wearing this jacket. I may have worn it when I was little. I know my younger sisters wore it.

The jacket is filthy, and the baby is doing her best to ignore me. And thwart me.

Nice, clear shot. Smiling baby. Jacket falling off. I quit.

Peter wearing Daddy’s hat. At least he loves to be photographed.

3 thoughts on “She’d be photogenic if she’d sit still

  1. <>Very<> sweet photos, Michelle. I love the colors! (including the blurry ones 🙂

  2. cute pics, regardless of participation

  3. Maybe you could photoshop them all into one picture? Heehee! Those dresses are still adorable. We re-did outfits from last year too. I have a feeling a LOT of people did that this year!

    Your littlest looks so much like you…minus the chicklet teeth 😉

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