Easter Sacrifices

“They” say that Lent isn’t about losing weight. I agree.

However, if you are the sort of person who loves to eat just for the love of eating (as I do), and you are guilty of such eating perhaps too often (as I am), and you focus many of your Lenten sacrifices around curtailing such behavior (as I did), then it is likely that you will lose weight during Lent (as I did).

And that is fine.

However, now that Easter is here, such people (like me) may need to be reminded that the Easter feast is not intended to be 50 days of gluttony, either. At some point (like right now), the excessive consumption of chocolate needs to stop. Did I not just spend 40 days learning that I do not need butter to be happy?

A few weeks ago, my pastor suggested that every meal every day is an opportunity for some small sacrifice: skipping sugar in the coffee, for example. This man is full of great ideas. He did not say that we are required to abstain from sacrifices during the Easter Octave (as many people seem to be insisting in this post last year, so don’t even bother leaving comments to such effect in the comboxI won’t listen to you).

Just like during Lent, sacrifices involving food during other times of the year are not about weight loss or weight control. They are ways to remind ourselves that food will not make us happy if our souls are unhappy. They help us exercise detachment of earthly things.

And I, for one, need constant practice in such detachment.

4 thoughts on “Easter Sacrifices

  1. What!? We can live without butter? And coffee without sugar, well that’s just crazy!

    I hear you though. Great post. We work on ridding our lives of those attachments and bad habits during Lent, it just doesn’t make sense to fall right back into them when Easter comes.

  2. You caught me! Those 10 bags of pastel Dark Chocolate M&Ms that I picked up for $.90 at the commissary are calling to me….

  3. I needed this, Michelle.

    So as soon as I polish off all the chocolate bunnies in our house, I’m DONE. Yes, that’s right.

    For this year, anyway.


  4. I “accidentally” lost weight during Lent (I gave up peanut butter, and thought I’d be better at coming up with alternative lunches, but just ended up skipping lunch a LOT) and now I’m really struggling with not gorging, especially since it’s so easy to justify eating whatever you want during the Easter season. When I know I have to control myself because I promised God, it’s easy. When it’s just me and my will-power. . . WAY harder.

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