New Month’s Resolution for April

Yes, I know it’s the fifth of the month, and I never even did one for March (I had one in my head, I just never posted it), but I am finally getting around to this.

Unless you have experienced it yourself, it is impossible to convey the stress that is involved in the few months before a soldier expects to deploy. Add to it the uncertainty of exactly when (a date and a time) that the soldier will physically depart and also the sudden learning of obligations (trainings) that he will have to do beforehand (away from home), and his time left begins to seem very very short.

Heck, it is very short.

Oh, and then there is this psychological thing called detachment. It’s an emotional defense that has human beings trying to cope with an impending loss by acting as though the loss has already occurred. It stinks.

Anyway, chief among my anxieties is the thought that Bill won’t be around to do any little projects that come up, so, unfortunately for him, I’m listing “things that must be done before July” like installing a clothesline and organizing the garage. And since I want to try to enjoy the last few weeks he’s here by doing fun stuff like Busch Gardens (still allowing service members and families in for free) and Colonial Williamsburg, it’s really “things that must be done before June.” And since in May, we have Katie’s First Holy Communion and my entire family coming in as well to simultaneously celebrate my parent’s 40th wedding anniversary, my sister and her family staying for another week having flown all the way from Alaska, and then Bill leaving directly after that for a week of training, it’s really “things that must be done before May.”

So, April will be a busy month with lots of organizing and cleaning. My hopes are to do the closets in the master bedroom, the storage area (with a weight bench that needs to be put together – we’ve been here for 9 months now) and the garage which are all areas where I need Bill’s help. I don’t know if we’ll be able to do it all, but I hope so.

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