16 thoughts on “New Haircut

  1. Very cute haircut! You look awesome!

  2. I like it! I think it suits you.

  3. Sometimes it’s nice to go from just a “haircut” to a “style.” It looks very nice! Mine is shorter now too, but I thought it had a put-together feel since it frames my face like yours does. With all the little chil’uns around here, I can use all the help I can get in the “put-together” department!

  4. New ‘do looks great! I like it.

  5. The last time I saw that beautiful face, I was sitting beside you in a car in Lancaster. Sigh. I miss my would-be IRL friend.

  6. PS. And I like it short! It does indeed suit you.

  7. Very cute! I think that it suits your face. I keep thinking I should go short too, and I lose my courage every time. LOL I can’t just yet, since I am losing my hair in clumpfulls still. Excuses, excuses…..

  8. Adorable!!!(And not terribly dissimilar from my honeymoon cut! 🙂

  9. Wow! That is a very flattering cut!

  10. I love it! You look fabulous!

  11. I REALLY like it!

  12. you look fabulous!

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