Tara’s here? No, Tarragon.

A few weeks ago, I signed up for six weeks of fresh vegetables delivered right to my home from a local farm via this site. They have a “winter” program, stuff grown in their greenhouse. We received our first delivery yesterday, which was mainly salad greens – and that’s fine. We eat salad. There was a small bunch of carrots, which everybody has been sneaking as though they were candy, so I don’t think they’ll last a full 24 hours, unless I hide them.

They also sent a bunch of fresh tarragon. Any suggestions on what to do with it? Tarragon has not been a key ingredient in my usual repertoire of dishes, but I’m always willing to try something new.

These 6 weeks are a test-run to see if we use the majority of the produce. The spring-summer program costs over $1000 for 18-20 weeks (not exactly sure). I can’t afford to waste that kind of money if we don’t eat the stuff. Based on this week, though, I like what I see. I’d prefer to grow my own, but between the shady garden plot and the deer who frequent our yard, I’m concerned I’d spend a lot of time working, and have little to show for it.

Which reminds me: I claimed that the only thing that would inspire me to shoot a gun at an animal was a rabid one preparing to attack my toddler. That’s untrue. Years ago, when I had my own garden in a nice sunny spot, I attempted lettuce for the first time. It was easy to grow, and my little row of leaves was coming up nicely, and I was salivating over the thought of a minutes-fresh green salad in a few weeks. One morning, I went back to do some weeding and pruning when I looked over at my row of lettuce. It was gone, nibbled down to the ground by a groundhog we saw frequently in the area, and one that Bill had once gone after with a shovel. At that moment, I could have throttled the thing with my bare hands. So, I’m willing to bet that even Bambi himself partaking of the fruits of my labor would find his hind quarters peppered with buck shot.

11 thoughts on “Tara’s here? No, Tarragon.

  1. I’ve always liked Tarragon Chicken Salad, but as my kids don’t like mayo, it wouldn’t go over well with everyone else in my family.

  2. I’m not sure what tarragon is for either. One year we had a nice row of corn growing…and the dog (not my current dog) ate all the corn! We found her a new home.

  3. I never breathed murderous threats towards animals until I had a vegetable garden, either. I was seeing red and ready to run out with a meat cleaver if I ever caught them in the act.

  4. We are members of a CSA and I love it, you do need to learn how to cook out of the box, though. And, ours is less than that.Our backyard is also quite shady, so we don’t grow much, mostly herbs.Isn’t tarragon an herb? Can you dry it on a cookie sheet in the oven on low and then put in a jar and use to season soups?

  5. I’ve found tarragon goes well with fish. A little goes a long way (like most fresh herbs). Here’s one tasty recipe:ttp://www.rachaelraymag.com/recipes/30-minute-meals/tarragon-tomato-fish/article.html

  6. Ugh – the link won’t work for some reason. Just Google Rachael Ray + tarragon. It’s the tomato-tarragon-fish recipe from Every Day with Rachael Ray.

  7. Kate, the beginning “h” was missing from “http”.Thanks everybody.Mimi, I got the idea of joining a CSA from you – thanks!

  8. Blush. Thank you!

  9. Well, I’m more than willing to shoot the deer that keep eating <>everything<> in my yard, including my rose bushes.

  10. Thanks for the post on the CSA..I always consider joining but the reality is that we will probably not eat all the food delivered and we can just as easy to go the grocery store each time we need something.

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