Time to De-Ice My Drive

My steeply sloped driveway is a thick sheet of ice. Bill got out Tuesday morning before the snow came and has been parking up on the street for the last two days. There is a tree strategical placed in the middle of the bottom of the drive, so if you lose control, that would likely be the thing to halt your slide.

Right now, it is below freezing, but the sun is on its way up and the temps are expected to climb a few degrees above the melting point. Hopefully the sunny day and the just-warm-enough temperatures will make clearing that drive of ice an easy task. The kids will be sorely disappointed to lose their sledding hill, but we have Tuesday’s rescheduled piano lessons this afternoon and Scouts tonight.

I’ll be a bit sad to see the sledding hill go, too. Not only were the kids entertained for hours yesterday afternoon, they all went straight to bed.

3 thoughts on “Time to De-Ice My Drive

  1. Gotta love it when they’re all worn out like that.

  2. We haven’t gone anywhere for 2 days, but now we are almost out of milk. It is icy out there and I don’t trust any of those crazy DC drivers. My kids got the “brilliant” idea to walk on the ice on the stream behind our house. I’ve had multiple lessons in how to treat for possible hypothermia this week!

  3. I'm glad to hear we're not the only ones who left their driveway unshoveled so the kids could slide down it!! But now that dh's back to work… I'm thinking: Shoot. It's me and the 7 & under crowd that has to shovel it if we want to get out?? Next time mean Mommy has to kill the sledding BEFORE Daddy goes back to work. 😉

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