To think, I almost threw it out

I was cracking the whip assisting my daughters in the tidying of their room. Everything has a place. Nothing was in it.

“Is this pretty?” I asked.

They admitted it was not.

On top of the dresser, among other things, was a lone sock.

“Katie, put this in the hamper.” I ordered requested nicely.

“But it doesn’t have a match,” she moaned explained. And keeping it on the dresser solves that problem? {Sarcastic comments are kept to myself.}

“I KNOW it doesn’t have a match. It’s mate is on the dryer, where it has been for a month, waiting for this one to cycle through the laundry.”


Oh, indeed.

3 thoughts on “To think, I almost threw it out

  1. LOL, I’ve got a pile of loner socks on my dresser too. Oh how I hate that pile…yet I can never bring myself to toss them…soon, soon, they’ll get tossed!

  2. LOL! LOL! I have a few socks on my daughters dresser for that exact same reason. And I need to get to cracking that whip because their room is a mess AGAIN after just cleaning it…*sigh*

  3. You mean you should keep sarcastic comments to yourself? Maybe that’s where I’m going wrong.Only one sock is pretty good. I’ve got a whole pile of socks with no matches stashed in my closet waiting for their mates. We usually just buy white socks, too. Who knew there were so many different kinds of white socks!

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