Photo Update

No ER trip, no stitches.

I was not prepared to leave the house when disaster struck yesterday. Pete was still in bed. The girls had not eaten breakfast. And I hadn’t had my second cup of coffee.
By the time we were ready to go, the cut on Mary’s head looked a little better. I went to a friend’s house (that was pre-planned anyway) and, with her approval, decided stitches probably wouldn’t be necessary.

I couldn’t get her to sit still for pictures. But here is her scabby mug.

The boys are lucky they didn’t aim their projectile any lower. OT law would be enforced: an eye for an eye.

7 thoughts on “Photo Update

  1. I’m glad she didn’t need an ER trip <>or<> stitches.

  2. So glad she didn’t need an ER trip too. She seems pretty chipper considering! 🙂

  3. Whew, those boys dodged a bullet with the Old Testament Law there!From the looks of it, it probably would been more traumatic giving that gash stitches than it would have been worth.She sure is a cutie!

  4. glad she is alright. note to self, michelle is not functional until she has had her second cup of coffeer

  5. head wounds, particularly forehead, tend to GUSH (as I’m sure you know). I’m so glad she didn’t need stitches!

  6. Definitly not stich-worthy, but maybe they would have used some of that superglue. Good call!Mary hit her head in the same place when she was about 16 months old by falling out of the Red Flyer wagon. They glued it shut but she still has a line across her eyebrow with no hair.

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