Before Photobucket and Flickr…

Jenny had learned that some wedding cakes have a bride and groom on the top.

“Did you have that, Mommy?” she wondered.

“No. I had flowers.”

“Oooooo.” Both girls thought that sounded lovely. I am continually fascinated by the subject matter that attracts my daughters. These are conversations I would never have had, had I not a few girls. I don’t consider myself overly feminine or interested in frilly things, but the boy world seems to revolve around sports, weapons of mass destruction, and inventing games that include an element of risk to life or limb or property. Every now and then, it is pleasant to discuss things that do not involve violence.

I told the girls that we could look at my wedding pictures later to see the cake. When later came around, they jumped for joy. As I headed toward the bookshelf where the wedding album (unopened for several years) is stored, they ran in the opposite direction.

To the computer.

“Girls, allow me to introduce to you the world of high-gloss…”

3 thoughts on “Before Photobucket and Flickr…

  1. rofl! Sounds like yesterday when Middle Sister got her first look at an LP playing on a turntable. “What the heck is THAT?!”

  2. That cracked me up!

  3. Boys go to moms.. And girls go to dad.. That’s the usual family.. 🙂< HREF="" REL="nofollow">Photobucket<>

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