Sold Out

Yesterday’s two hour adventure at the grocery store was slightly less successful than I had hoped. Items I could not find:

pineapple juice (in any form)
canned pumpkin
almond extract
powdered sugar

For school, Fritz just needs to recopy an essay and read a few chapters in a book and then school is officially out for 2008. I guess I’ll be heading to another grocery store when he’s done. Today is baking day. Tomorrow is cleaning day.

Bill has a theory that Christmas lights charge up children. Last weekend he decorated outside, and the kids went wild. Yesterday he strung the lights on the tree, and I was convinced I could hear their little bodies emitting a humming vibratory noise whenever they passed near.

Only.three.more.days. Are you excited yet?

4 thoughts on “Sold Out

  1. I hope you find everything today. Our Aldi has been out of chocolate chips for two weeks. Their warehouse is out so they haven’t received any at all. Thankfully Walmart had some the second time I went there.

  2. Of course you can’t find peacans . . . we’re in the South (well, south of the Mason Dixon makes VA south as well as MD, where I’m at). The commissary always runs out of peacans this time of year. Lots of pies, I reckon. I roast them. Yum. Good luck!!

  3. Yes, the commissary is bad. My run to the civilian grocery revealed fully stocked shelves. It’s my fault on the pecans, but I’ve been trying to buy powdered sugar all month long. Frustrating.

  4. I am excited. I can’t believe you couldn’t find all those things at the store yesterday. Hopefully you can get back there and get what you need.

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