The baby falls asleep in my arms while I read old posts via Bloglines. (I am very behind.)

Through the sun room, into the kitchen, then the dining room, living room and hallway to her bed. Along the way, I have to step over the sleeping bodies of three other children.

If I turned their bedrooms into something useful, like a sewing room for me, they would be upset.

Bill complains that our weight allowance is dangerously close to the upper limits (hello, family of eight, I remind him). I bet if we got rid of the beds, we’d gain at least 500 pounds. More books!

Now I need to haul them all into their rooms. Last night I left the girls on the hardwood floor, and they woke up in the middle of the night and complained to me about being achy. My fault, of course.

3 thoughts on “Bedtime

  1. I have no idea why we invested in beds. On weekends and all through the summer, our kids have a “slumber party” in the basement and all sleep on the floor. What surprises me most is that my two teens still sleep down there too.

  2. Weight allowances. We went a little over, but the movers tell us that the army allots an extra 10%. 🙂 Anyway, the system doesn’t seem quite fair, going by rank instead of people, does it?

  3. I agree, Jennie. I don’t understand why they do it like that.Well…one packer once told me about packing for a 4 star. He had multiple sets of china and a dining room set that seated 20 or something like that. I guess if part of your job involves entertaining, then perhaps some additional weight allowance makes sense? Or since GOs get huge houses they need to fill them up, hence more weight?Anyway, good to know about the fudge factor. I also think I need to declare any book we own about war as “Pro Gear”. Must be 1000 lbs right there.

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