More stress for Mom

FDA sets melamine standard for baby formula

As someone who has needed to use infant formula, I find acceptance of any level of melamine or any other non-edible, healthy substance to be horrifying. Melamine can be found in packaging materials and in cleaning solutions used in the manufacturing process. That is how it gets in the formula.

Today, I’m thankful for the hard-won ability to give my baby the all-natural, homemade, God-intended and nutritious mother’s milk.

2 thoughts on “More stress for Mom

  1. Amen. Ugh – is there anything that doesn’t have melamine, lead, or PCBs these days?!

  2. You know, I always sensed there was a reason why, after almost five months of supplementing with the last two babies, why I was so determined to breastfeed. No matter how long it took. Now I know why. Good grief….

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