They just need to cut the trans-fat in that ad

Fast Food TV Ads Linked to Child Obesity, Study Finds

As much as I despise the commercials on TV, and in fact, despise TV viewing in general for its mind-numbing entertainment (I rarely watch, but I do allow my children to watch in limited doses), I know it is ridiculous to think that the ads on TV make a kid fat.

In fact, TV ads do not even make children go out and buy fast food. Really! There may be rare exceptions of 6 year olds with ready cash who live within a bike ride of the nearest drive-through, but I suspect that 99.9% of chicken nuggets are consumed by children whose parents drove to the restaurant and bought it.

Do TV ads make children whine for a flame-broiled burger? Oh, yes. Do TV ads make golden arches more identifiable to the average 2 year old than any other store, restaurant or brand? Definitely. But do TV ads have hidden calories? No, sorry.

“The causes of childhood obesity are complicated…”

No, they are not. And neither are the causes of adulthood obesity. Eat too much, exercise too little, gain weight. Happens to me every Christmas. If not for the New Year’s reality check, or the welcome austerity of Lent, I too might end up obese by the following Christmas.

Banning TV ads will not make kids skinny. Teaching parents how to cook? That’s an idea we can sink our teeth into.

8 thoughts on “They just need to cut the trans-fat in that ad

  1. 100% with you on this one! I find it increasingly funny how no one is willing to take personal responsibility for anything anymore.

  2. AMEN!!!!!!But it’s SO EASY to blame the commercials as we give in to our little monsters’ every whim, you know…

  3. totally…but now we should just accept them as they are instead of trying to influence anyone to lose weight. r

  4. heaven forbid we damage their self-esteem, right?

  5. To cook and to plan.I always admire those moms that do the cook and freeze thing on Sundays.

  6. Why can I not recall ever seeing a single homeschooled fat child? Perhaps it is because they watch what their kids eat? They make mostly homemade meals? Or is it because they don’t let their kids watch TV for hours and hours and see those MickyD’s commercials? I see those things and I want to go to McDonalds, and I hate their food!

  7. As Barb suggested, I think parents who are able to say “No” to their children would help too…not just parents who can cook.Kat’s point reminded me of a post you did a while back, Michelle, about how your kids were actually <>too thin<> and needed whole milk, dark meat, etc. because they were more active than your average conventionally-schooled kid. The irony is that your kids probably could handle the caloric intake of frequent McD’s visits, but you’re less likely to do that than most parents whose kids can’t handle it…

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