Katie and Peter were the only ones to use the same costumes for Halloween that they used for the All Saints party.

Fritz was Indiana Jones (as were about 1 in 10 other boys).

Jenny went as an ice skater. Do not confuse her with a ballerina just because she had to wear shoes to get around!
I made this. Leotards are surprisingly easy to make.

I managed to get a picture of Mary before she fussed her way out of her dragon/dinosaur costume. Peter wore this last year. I made it and a green one for my oldest boys many years ago.

Billy went as The Scarecrow. Not Dorothy’s friend…
…rather, Batman’s enemy.

And Peter passed out after I got him in his PJs, but before I got him washed up and with brushed teeth. No mother of the year awards here, I’m afraid.

And can anybody tell me why the company that manufactures Mary Janes (the candy) is still in business? And why, oh why, do people hand them out? Nostalgia? Sadism?

9 thoughts on “Halloween

  1. I can’t imagine how Billy didn’t fall and bust his face — I can barely see those little eyes! Cute kids, Michelle.

  2. I had never heard of or seen Mary Janes. I had to google them to see what they looked like. Were they common in your neighborhood? I have no kids going trick or treating and we didn’t have more than 8 groups ring our bell. I think most of the kids in our small subdivision are older now.

  3. I think Mary Janes are okay, actually. SEnd them to Fort Meade, MD, I’ll eat them. 🙂

  4. I like Mary Janes — wouldn’t pass them out, but like to hunt for them during after-Halloween candy sales. Those cheap chewy pb filled candies wrapped in black or orange paper too.

  5. Denise, must be a Northeast thing? We went to Belvoir to trick or treat. Somebody was giving them out. I do not care for them. JOT, I hope to go to Ft. Meade to visit friends this month. Want me to bring them?

  6. With all the peanut allergy scares I am surprised that anyone gives out candy with nuts in it, my kids despise them. We go through the bags and send all the “yucky” stuff into work with dh. Luckily everyone’s yucky candy list is different!

  7. I must admit that Mary Janes are my favorite candy!

  8. Mary Janes are for pelting.Pelting siblings.(Actually I like them now, but when I was a kid, I never even took them out of the bag.)

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