Saints, Alive!

The homeschool group did it’s All Saint’s Day party last night. In attendance:

St. Martin, preparing to cut his cape in half (store bought several years ago – see Bill)

St. Boniface Pius X Ignatius of Antioch, whose feast was yesterday (also store bought and reworked – see Medusa) Billy had trouble deciding.

St. Elizabeth of Hungary (yes, I made it, no, I’m not proud. It is, quite honestly, poorly done.)

Mary, Mother of God (Bill bought me that scarf in Afghanistan, the dress is Princess Leia with a trim added)

St. George (Bill made this suit of armor SEVEN years ago out of poster board. He is a clever man. Fritz wore it, but all the other children have shunned it, until now. I have saved it, dutifully protected with crumpled newspaper. Our grandchildren might wear it. Or perhaps I’ll have it framed in a shadowbox.)

I wanted Mary to be a dragon for George, but she would have none of it.

My sewing machine has been going non-stop for weeks, it seems. I’m not done yet.

7 thoughts on “Saints, Alive!

  1. OMG, little Pete in that armour is just so adorable and cute – I’d give him buckets of sweets for coming by in that gear!!

  2. very cute!! our all saints party isnt until nov 9…who knows if we will even be in the spirit anymorer

  3. I love all of the costumes. Way to be thrifty. I hope to be able to make my children’s costumes one day. I only have two skirts under my belt, but many more projects in mind.

  4. You could dress Mary in green pjs, then make her a “flower petal” headband. She could go as the Little Flower 😉

  5. All the costumes look great. Petey looks like he just finished the dragon business. Jenny looks the part – all humble. Katie looks very proud of her dress. Billy looks oh so devout. Fritz poses perfectly. Too bad Mary didn’t want to play.

  6. I have a dragon costume that is the perfect size for Mary. One of the kids was St. George for our parish’s Christmas pagent, “The Saints visit the Christ Child” and Timmy was the dragon. Our TORCH group’s All Saints party is Nov 1, so far we have some Franciscian (I made it for St. Maximilian Kolbe), a blessed Kateri Tekakwitha, and a St. Elizabeth of Hungary. I have no idea what to do with the little boys as the only costumes I already have are Tigger and ballerinas.

  7. Oh my goodness! Love the costumes! 🙂

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