Dear Children,

This is why I don’t like you to use my camera. I don’t know why you would feel compelled to touch the lens and get it sticky, but you do. It is very difficult for the automatic point-and-shoot contraption to focus on something past your fingerprint. I know it makes me sounds like a mean mommy, denying you your artistic freedoms and all, but your aunt gave you a camera. Failure to charge it does not give you permission to use mine. Here are our Oktoberfest pictures.

Wouldn’t they have been really lovely if they were in focus?


Well, at least we all had a good time.

3 thoughts on “Dear Children,

  1. You look lovely Frau Reitemeyer, as do your little Frauleins.

  2. Aww, even though they are out of focus, they look great! Love your dirndls!

  3. I finally found it! I think since I started using a feed reader, I’m missing posts if I don’t check often enough. The pcitures aren’t too bad; they just look like hazy memories.

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