Please don’t forget the slice of lime

The kids all like Kenny Chesney’s music. I do too. We all sometimes need some music that doesn’t require thought. But I can see why some people restrict their children’s music diet to Bach, Mozart, Strauss, and all that. If your three year old is going to be singing at the grocery store checkout line, wouldn’t Handel’s Messiah be nice? It would be perhaps a little less embarrassing than:

Which is the only line he knows, so he repeats it ad nauseum.

7 thoughts on “Please don’t forget the slice of lime

  1. That may be only slightly better than “Wasting away in Margeritaville.”

  2. Apart from the choice in beer, I don’t see a problem. Maybe it’s just me.

  3. But, MUCH better than singing “Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy.” LOL

  4. ROFL!Because Big Brother plays “Guitar Hero,” Little Brother has been known to belt out “Talk Dirty to Me” in public. EEEK!

  5. Or, wait, when you forget that the middle of the song “Jump” contains the lyrics “Boom boom Mommy, Mommy” which your 5 year old thinks is really cool and goes around singing to you all the time.

  6. Would it be bragging to say that I have caught my 10 year old boy humming “Ave Marie” several times this past week?

  7. How funny! I just posted late last night about the same thing! My kids were JUST singing, “…shoulda said ‘no’ shoulda gone home shoulda thought twice for ya let it all goooooo…”My kids just gravitate to cheatin’ songs, I guess. Better than drinkin’ songs?

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