9 thoughts on “nibble nibble like a mouse

  1. Oh goodness, my sympathies. We had a family of them when we moved into this house two years ago. I was five months pregnant, standing on a chair on the phone with my husband, telling him the mouse just ran under the couch! Good luck in getting them out. Where do you think they are in the house?

  2. Oh, I used to have some nesting in between the walls of my bedroom. Right by my bed. Creepy.One time I put a cat up in my attic to take care of these problems and some folks were horrified. He took care off me and was my hero. Saved a few neighborhood chipmunks I’m sure.

  3. When I was in college we had a mouse in our apartment. I put out poison. The thing died in the wall and our bathroom stunk for a month.

  4. Oh my goodness! I must be that time of year. We had a very friendly one come right under the couch where I was…*shudder*. So my DH put out traps – sticky and the snapping kind. We have caught 2 so far!

  5. I know you don't need more family “members”, but Rocky was a godsend when we moved to Morrisville. He either got them all or drove them out.Borrowing a feline would probably distress it too much, but maybe someone would let you brush their cat & you could scatter fur in the nether reaches of the house to encourage the little varmits to leave.Mom

  6. wow, i would be moving asap!r

  7. P.S.If you find their droppings, spray them thoroughly with Lysol, gently sweep them up (do not inhale), & get them out of the house. Lysol is your best friend.Mom

  8. I sympathize with having unwanted little guests. Please, though, have a heart and trap/remove them humanely, not with poisons or glue traps or other gruesome devices.See < HREF="http://www.havahart.com/store/live-animal-traps/1020" REL="nofollow">Havahart Two Door Mouse Trap<> for details. 🙂

  9. Lisa, I shall do my best, but I finally just now saw the thing, and I have to admit that if it had headed in the direction of where the baby was playing it would have been a squished mouse.

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