Being Thrifty

Yesterday, the boys began fencing. Even though I knew this day was coming, I was ill prepared and only remembered Wednesday night that they had no athletic pants to wear.


I had already decided that I was going to buy children’s pants from Sears, and Sears alone, so I could take advantage of their free KidVantage Club with its Wear Out Warranty (pants on boys last an average of one month before acquiring holes in my house). Sears opened at 10 am, fencing was at 11 am. It was tight, but doable.

We got there early and, as soon as the doors were opened, raced for the boys’ section. I grabbed what pants I could find in the approximate right sizes and had the boys try them on. Out of 5 or 6 different pairs of pants, we managed to find 1 to fit Fritz and 2 to fit Billy (one of his was a pair of jeans). That’s all I had time for.

Total cost: $46 and change.

After fencing, I dragged the kids to a thrift store that has 50% clothes and shoes on Thursdays (thank you, Denise, for that timely suggestion). I bought 6 shirts, 5 pants, 1 winter coat, 2 pretty Christmas-y dresses, and one pair of size 3 pink tennis shoes that will fit Mary for about one month.

Total cost: $25.38.

Thrift store shopping is a process. I didn’t find everything I needed, but there will be more next week, and some things, like a few more winter coats, aren’t desperately needed yet. Other things, like size 10 slim boys pants with no holes in the knee or church-going shoes in just the right sizes, aren’t likely to ever appear, and I’ll have to buy them new. But as long as the kids don’t mind, and the selection is good, I see no reason to go retail.

6 thoughts on “Being Thrifty

  1. Amen! I’ve been thrift store shopping since we lived in Germany and money was tight as we worked to pay off our debt. I love thrift stores! As we drove around Kentucky looking for homes, in fact, thrift store locations were the one thing I took note of. 🙂

  2. Thrift store shopping is my version of “retail therapy”… and it’s guilt free!🙂

  3. I spent the first 7 years of motherhood as the recipient of many people’s generosity, and rarely had to buy clothes for my kids. When we moved out of Jersey in 2005, my “sources” for nice used clothing were gone. I tried the thrift stores on two different posts and was very frustrated. This place I just went to is well run and organized. There is also a HUGE Salvation Army close to my house. I am looking forward to checking it out.

  4. Right on!You might want to make sure that nothing is terribly out of style or funky. I've never heard the end of the black & white pants I made Tommy wear that were pretty boldly checked or plaided (Tommy, help me out here).Mom

  5. good link, Michelle. Thanks.

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