Three kids have piano lessons on Tuesday afternoons.

Four kids have CCD on Tuesday evenings.

Three kids have Scouts on Wednesdays (Jenny’s homeschool Daisy Troop meets every other Wednesday). I do not know when Billy’s den will meet.

The boys have fencing on Thursday mornings (with homeschoolers).

The girls have ballet on Saturdays.

For each kid, it seems reasonable. One sport. One “activity” (Scouts). I consider piano to be academic (my students would happily drop it). And CCD is “required” (Katie is in 2nd grade – take one, taken ’em all, I figure).

But as my calendar pages are filling up, I’m feeling so very tied down.

6 thoughts on “Tethered

  1. Even with “only” 3 kids, it gets hairy when they have sports and one “activity.” I completely understand why you feel imprisoned by all that.And then there’s high school…Big Brother has Boy Scouts (that’ll be done soon, though); cross-country or track, stage crew (3 productions a year), homecoming activities, Alternative Activities Club (for risk-taking fun that doesn’t involve drugs/alcohol/tobacco), Flying Club, and I’ve lost track of what else! Oh yeah, 2 AP classes, 1 Honors class and 1 regular class this semester. Think he’s burning the candle at both ends or what?

  2. Me Too! Mom’s chauffeur service now open for business!

  3. but what are you going to do for socialization of those homeschooled kids?r

  4. I hear you! Sometimes I say, you have to be HOME to homeschool!! It gets tough. J.A.

  5. Wow. I thought we had a lot this week. Good luck with the busy schedule. šŸ™‚

  6. oh my! that is a packed schedule, maybe you could catch a nap in the car while the kids are at lessons. šŸ™‚And Thanks for the advice!

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