Somebody’s pants are on fire

“Mommy, you know what? Know what Peter said? I didn’t teach him this. He said, ‘Shake your booty!’ I don’t know where he learned it!”

Before I had children I watched a show that demonstrated how little children (6 and under) were incapable of lying. I actually fell for it.

2 thoughts on “Somebody’s pants are on fire

  1. but he should say shake, shake, shake first then shake your bootyr

  2. My middle sister, at the ripe old age of four, was not only able to outright lie, she was able to conjure up crocodile tears as she was apologizing to our mother for having talked the eldest into doing something they weren’t allowed to do. And then finish it off with a big stage wink at said eldest as our mother was comforting her and chastising the elder for not being sorry like her little sister.The eldest has, as you can no doubt imagine, told that story with much indignation ever since. All thirty years of it.

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