Opinions, please

Apparently, I have too much free time. And I have too much remnant fabric.

I’m working on a bunch of these to go to my sister’s husband and his troop in Iraq. No, I’m not taking orders for any others. I really don’t think I can do them this year, mainly because I offered to give any extras I make to my sister’s FRG to use as a fundraiser.

I want to use the remnant fabric to make some cute little stocking ornaments. Here is my prototype. I thought I would use a glitter gel pen to write “2008” on the cuff.

So, what do you think I should sell them for? Originally, I had thought $5. Now, looking at it, I think $3. If you saw them at a little kiosk and thought, “Hey, that’s cute. I’d love to hang that on my tree. I wonder how much it is,” what price would make you consider it, and at what point do you walk away?

And, you military wives out there, any suggestions for making it fancier? I could cut out tiny little velcro patches, but that would be tedious and nothing would fit on there anyway. A soldier could always pin his rank on there. Well, up to a one-star could. Two stars would be too big.

7 thoughts on “Opinions, please

  1. Michelle,Great ornament idea! I think a price between $3 and $5 is quite reasonable.

  2. I agree that between $3 and $5. I don’t think I would pay 5, though. I would definitely pay 3, because it wouldn’t then be worth my time to figure out how to make them myself.:)

  3. I think $3 to $5 is a fair price. (And we’d purchase one in honor of our “adopted soldier.” OK, maybe 2–we’d send one to her!)

  4. if it is $3 i wouldnt think twice about buying one, $5 might think twice but would probably still do it. they look super cute btwr

  5. I think 3 would be good. I don’t think I would pay more than that. They are super cute.

  6. $3 sounds about right.

  7. Cute idea! $3 would sell fast. Depending on location, you could get up to $4.99.If you get jammed up, let me know & I'll ressurect my sewing machine.Mom

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