My baby doll

There’s a new life-like, animated doll on the market. She crawls, she cruises. She smiles, she babbles. She eats, she fills her diaper.

Special features:

  • Paper shredder mode: sensitive documents can be safely thrown away after she gets her hands on them!
  • Room decorator: custom and creative interior design for your floors using common items found in your kitchen drawers or the toy bin or the recycle bucket!
  • Alarm clock: set for 4 AM, she will beat you on the head and shoulders while yelling “Dada!”
  • Personal trainer: give those shoulders and back a workout! She has her own special way to encourage you to lift weights by lifting her! Even entrenched couch potatoes will be inspired by her cries!
  • Spiritual director: from cries for mercy to pleading for her safety to gratitude for such a marvelous creation, she will keep you, mentally, on your knees!

Each doll is made-to-order with a 9 month lead time. Dolls require an average 9 to 12 month maturation to get full results. Results may vary, and each doll is unique. Recommended for ages 20 and up.

5 thoughts on “My baby doll

  1. LOL!!! That is hilarious!! Thank you for that mornning laugh and humurous perspective on motherhood.Does yours have a turn off button? 😉

  2. That is hysterical! The look of pure joy on her face just makes it that much more fun.

  3. You forgot one thing:Suggested retail: PRICELESSThat has to be the cutest picture ever!

  4. yes, super cute though i have to ask, what was the real AG dollr

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