It’s been less than two years, and yet, I had forgotten…

…how much sleep is lost when a baby is teething (that’s okay, sleep is overrated).
…how opinionated a 10 month old can be (as in, no, I don’t want this toy, I want that choking hazard).
…how curious a person this young can be (as in, what’s behind this door?)
…how much memory a baby can have (as in, behind that door are books).
…how much frustration a baby can display (as in, I WAAAAAANT TO GET BEHIND THAT DOOOOR!).
…how persistent an infant can be (yes, she’s still trying to figure out the door).

And, I had forgotten…

…how one or two weeks of sleepless nights will feel like forever until you realize that she’s almost a year old and you wonder how that happened so fast.
…how cute babies are when they do raspberries.
…how a ten month old has a sense of humor and will laugh hard if you do something funny.
…how a baby’s entire body expresses joy, especially when she sees mommy.
…how little hands and arms can hug so tightly and little mouths can kiss so sweetly.

5 thoughts on “Amnesia

  1. I get amnesia, too. That’s why I’ve been trying to soak up all the sweetness from our youngest and savoring every last moment because at 40 years old we don’t know if we’ll be blessed with more. Now I’m wondering how in the world I’ve forgotten how to wean and potty train after going through it 5 times before 🙂

  2. Tee hee, that amnesia I think is what allows us to have more than one child. She’s so, so cute!

  3. Penelope pats my back when she hugs me and it just melts my heart. I saw Mary’s picture in a post the other day, and boy is that girl growing up fast!

  4. seems you are keeping it in perspective, except for the sleep being overrated…no it isnt…not at all…i need sleep…lots of sleep…i love sleep…off to go to sleepr

  5. me too, Michelle, me too!

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