Charades, goodbyes and beer

With Bill out of town, the average IQ in the house has plummeted. Tonight at dinner I listened to the children discuss how to say “stinky diaper” in sign language. It’s amazing how loud a conversation about sign language can be. As they “spoke” in a combination of ASL and gestures of their own creation (which would likely get them arrested for obscenity in dozens of foreign countries), all I could think about was: never play charades against deaf people.

Bill won’t be gone for too long, but you would think he was going to be gone for weeks based on the tears this morning. The kids all managed to get themselves up to see Dad off at an hour much too early for me to want to be dealing with them, especially since the combination of less sleep and sorrowful goodbyes made for some cranky kids. And a cranky mom. I’ll try better tomorrow.

As I type this, I no longer hear the sounds of children talking instead of sleeping, and I intend to head to bed just as soon as I finish my beer. Yes, I’m still keeping up with that new month’s resolution, and I must say that my theory has proven to be true, for me at least. Beer is an acquired taste, and I have managed to acquire it, to a certain extent. While I won’t claim to “love” beer (yet?), I am able to sit and nurse one without making faces. There’s still nearly two weeks left in the month. Who knows what I can accomplish in that time?

5 thoughts on “Charades, goodbyes and beer

  1. I am thankful that my daughter is too young to notice my absence for a year. My wife of course misses me.

  2. Yes, she’ll never remember. Our oldest daughter was 18 months old when Bill left for a year and our second daughter was 6 months old when he met her – and we had little difficulty with them and deployment and re-integration. My boys had a harder time all around.

  3. wow, actually getting a taste for that crap huh? in college i was a cheap date, miller lite would do. now i cant stand the taste of any of it. when we moved to oregon tug became a beer snob and now only drinks mirror pond, a local microbrew. luckily they sell the stuff in WA (unlucky for our pocket book though).rwishing you sanity while hubby is away

  4. I don’t LOVE beer as I have written before, but I enjoy “having a beer” with my husband or friends. No HUGE mugs of beer though- just a decent frosty glass and it needs to be REALLY cold.I hope you catch up on your sleep.(I was planning to make your steak salad tomorrow, but I may not have complete access to my kitchen, so I have to postpone it.)

  5. Butch is out of town again (weeks and weeks this year). I asked Mari if she misses daddy and she said, “(SIGH)yeah, I miss my daddy. I really miss my Butch.”I think she was answering for me on that second sentence.Then she told me a knock knock joke. I wish I was as adaptable as she is.

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