I hate sharing my camera

I just downloaded about 120 blurry pictures of birds on our back deck.


Here is a non-blurry photo from my camera. Subject matter must have been important to the photographer.

Of all the photos, this was only one that interested me. Uncle Tom and Mary. Bonding. Uncle Tom took more pictures, but then accidently deleted them all. This is the only one we took from his visit.

3 thoughts on “I hate sharing my camera

  1. I’ve been really dictatorial about the use of my camera for that reason. No one takes a picture without permission. Although there is always that delete option. teehee

  2. Thanks for the pic. Yeah, I’m a genius and pressed the wrong button. D’oh!

  3. Hello Michelle with incredible blue eyes- I loved visiting your blog today. You have a BEAUTIFUL family!This post reminded me how much my boys love borrowing my camera and taking silly pictures. I specifically remember one of the trashcan insides! Why?Also, your blog background is lovely!

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