A (bath)room with a view

If you walk through the front door, you are in the living room.

This is open to the dining room, which leads to the kitchen, which is connected to the sunroom, which has the door to the master bedroom.

The master bedroom has a master bath.

This house was originally a ranch with the typical three bedrooms and one bath. At some point someone built an addition with the sunroom and master bedroom. They converted one of the original bedrooms into the master bath and left the original door.

So the master bath opens to the hallway with two other bedrooms and the one original bath.

And the hallway leads to the living room.


Peter wakes up in a happy, drowsy mood and curls up in my lap. Within minutes though, he begins to squirm as he realizes that he needs to go potty. So he and I and Mary (because she has decided she wants my lap, too) go from the sunroom, through the master bedroom and into the master bath. I put Mary on the floor (half the floor is carpet), lift Peter up on the potty and sit on the edge of the tub and wait.

This is my morning routine (slated for 7:18 am).

I don’t close the doors, because he’s three.

Today, I should have closed the doors. I didn’t realize that today I live in Pamplona. The poor baby almost got trampled by the children running ’round and ’round, followed by the dog, of course.

This master bath is decidedly the most highly trafficked bathroom I have ever known.

2 thoughts on “A (bath)room with a view

  1. I believe you predicted that one, didn’t you?

  2. The sunroom sounds heavenly.

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