6 thoughts on “Moving Time Rhetorical Question #1

  1. No, not really, but it sure does go a long way toward making you <>feel<> ready to drive hundreds of miles with lots of little kids in the back of a really crowded van…

  2. noooooooooooooooo…unless…you can get someone ELSE to do it!

  3. Well- I Dunno. It IS nice to start out clean. The next friend who says they want to help, what can they do? Set them to the van.Our own Oregon-Maine trip is 12 days away–I’m in DENIAL!!

  4. Only if you think you might find some part to one of the kids’ toys while you’re doing it – or some other worthwhile object. If you don’t, the kids will be happy to know they brought a piece of Kansas back with them.Mom R

  5. After 16 moves in 10 years, I can say for certain that there is really no point in cleaning anything before the move.Those table legs you detail so the movers won’t see your dirt? They get dirty when moving and you have to do it over. The couches you wiped off? Moving truck grime.Good luck!

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