In complete defiance of my request, she’s getting bigger every day. In less than a week, she’ll be 8 months old.

I had to get some last shots of her gummy grin. She’s just popped her first teeth, so in a few weeks her smile will be different.

Isn’t she just the cutest thing?

10 thoughts on “Mary

  1. She looks an awful lot like her mama. 🙂

  2. She is SO CUTE!!! I agree with Jennie; she looks like her mom. Love those gummy grins. My kids were really late teethers (Middle Sister got tooth #2 on her first birthday) so I got to enjoy the gummy grins longer. The drawback was that the Tooth Fairy didn’t make the first visit to my kids until first or second grade!

  3. Too cute for words! I can’t decide whether the first or third picture is the absolute cutest… 🙂

  4. She’s adorable and sooo happy!!

  5. Yes, she certainly is!!

  6. She sure has changed a lot since I saw her – well, way before she was born. When are you coming through South Carolina?

  7. Ijustcan’twaittosnuggleher!!!M doesn’t have teeth yet. (And I’m OK with that.)

  8. She is positively adorable. Her smile makes me smile!I haven’t read blogs for awhile and had a lot of fun catching up on yours today. I especially enjoyed the photos of the beautiful tulips you planted way back when. It inspires this gardener who has planted many seeds (also pregnant!) and checks the garden each day to see if they have broken through yet.Good luck with your move. Your positive attitude and flexibility with all of it is amazing!

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