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I’m no Eric Scheske, but he’s too busy to do his normal posts and my husband is in school-crunch mode and hasn’t been filling me in on headlines. I’m on my own to get gossip news about people in the greater world. Here’s what I’m reading:

Justice almost served: seven years in prison for having a slave for 6 years…now if they would routinely beat her and make her sleep on the floor, it’d be even. OK, I don’t believe they should beat her, but I hope they make her scrub toilets.

Attention, Roseville, MN residents: if you need some quick cash, the SuperAmerica gas station will give whatever they have to anyone who comes in without question. All you have to do is wear a mask. Just make sure that no other customers are around, because you never know who might interfere. The employees won’t though.

Last year, Bill had the opportunity to fall asleep on CSPAN witness several hearings for the Senate Armed Services Committee. (He only bobbed his head a few times, and after I emailed him to tell him he was sitting right behind the speaker, he perked up. The guy next to him was snoring.) The first time he saw Senator Kennedy, it took a bit for him to recognize him. He thought the man was going to keel over at any minute. When I read that his family is shocked that the man’s days are limited, I wonder if it’s dementia or habitual denial of reality.

Even though I’m a law-abiding citizen for the most part (I retain a general willingness to break laws for good reason, which I consider to be a good quality in any citizen), I think the police are intimidating. I would be naturally inclined to clam up around an interrogating cop, I think. It’s that “could be used against you” concept. Apparently parrots feel the same way. Just beware the friendly doctors who will dime you out.

Where’s the outrage? Jews burning the New Testament. Maybe we Christians should start a holy war.

I’m all for jail time for people who won’t cut their grass, but please make them serve it in the winter.

Clint Eastwood thinks Hillary should keep trying for the nomination. The article portrays him as a real nice guy. I think that advice is pretty sadistic.

3 thoughts on “In the news

  1. Regarding Hilary, I understand where you’re coming from. However, the advantage of her staying in the race until the convention is that we get to find out more about any more skeletons hiding out in Obama’s closet. The Republicans are too nice to dig up any serious dirt.Mom

  2. i would have to disagree…the republicans arent too nice to dig stuff up, the media is too biased to show any of it. i totally agree that the clintons are cut throat, but most politicians (repubs included) can be slimy. i am so torn on this election. would it be better for a demoncat to get in to show the world just how ridiculous liberals can be or does mccain get in, liberals think he is conservative (cuz he calls himself a R) even though he totally isnt then we get screwed in 4 yrs if he does a bad job.r

  3. I think there’s no outrage for two reasons. 1–No one’s heard about this. The news media just doesn’t care about Christian Holy Books because it’s not the ’cause of the day’. 2–See number one. Christianity is not the popular cause, so people don’t consider it wrong to do things to Christian Holy Books. IE. Do it to the Bible, it’s art, do it to the Koran, it’s sacrilidge.What shocks me is that this <>was<> done by Jews. Most Jews so value education that the idea of burning <>any<> book is a foreign concept to them. This is outragous.

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