Even more on HPV

On Friday I received an email from Russell Goldman of ABC News. He had seen my blog entries about the HPV vaccine, and wanted to interview me for an article.

OK, I’m game, I thought, as I emailed my phone number.

A few minutes later, I was telling him my problem with the vaccine: that the government mandating its use without sufficient proof of its safety and for something that is only spread through sexual contact is wrong.

I don’t have a problem with a parent making that choice for their child (although I do fear that parents are overly trusting and ignorant of the risks, including death). I’m not saying my children will never receive the vaccine, and I can think of reasons why they should get it. My problem is with governmental interference and the use of my children as human lab rats.

After several minutes of making my point and sticking to it, Mr. Goldman thanked me for my time, but he admitted he was looking for someone who was basically just opposed to the vaccine because they felt it would encourage their children to have sex.

No kidding, I thought.

His article is here. He did manage to find a mother who could provide the quotes he wanted, so my voice of reason is missing. It reminds me of research papers in high school and college where I would blatantly ignore any literature that didn’t agree with my thesis and selectively quote those that did. In essence, the HPV vaccine is all good, and the only people who are opposed are religious nuts.

Now, that last sentence was sarcastic, but certainly somebody could quote me out of context to make it seem like I approve of the vaccine.

6 thoughts on “Even more on HPV

  1. WOW.I guess I have to give Mr. Goldman some reluctant kudos for having the stones to admit that he has no journalistic integrity…Just wow.

  2. No kidding! I’ve got to share this with my husband…and I hope more folks find their way to your blog on this subject.

  3. Ditto Kasia. Wow.My problem with the whole thing is that they’re trying to force vaccination on children for a disease that is only spreadable by sex.I thought the whole point of mandatory vaccination was to protect the population from disease outbreak. While I have no problem with parents and children making the decision to vaccinate, I have a problem with someone forcing a vaccination on a child for something they cannot catch from another child walking down the hallway at school.

  4. I think this vaccine just brings out the worst in folks for some reason. Merck’s marketing strategies for this vaccine were shameless. They actually sent a troll to my blog to refute my position that the vaccine should not be state mandated. Now the MSM is demonstrating equally low ethical standards. < HREF="http://catholic-mom.blogspot.com/2008/04/journalistic-integrity.html" REL="nofollow">I’ve linked to this post<>. We need to shed light on these shady dealings.

  5. I agree with you on this whole HPV thing. And I have a much different view on vaccinations now than I did when I first started having babies. Especially after David had an adverse reaction. I am very careful about what they do and do not have. My problem with the HPV is along the same lines as what Kristina said in her comment. So, it’s promoting sex. But also, this vaccine is just so new and being forced on such a mass scale on young girls. I don’t want my kids to be guinea pigs either. I remember when David was going through his first round of shots (late), I thought to myself, “How many more shots do they have now? Where I have been? I don’t remember there being so many at one time..” That’s a bummer that writer had tunnel vision where his article was concerned.

  6. Just another example of blatant media bias and how reporters “report” what they want to report. News media have a tremendous power to shape everything from parenting decisions to political discourse. It’s such a shame more people don’t question the media. Thank goodness for the blogosphere. As a journalism major in college, I was held to the highest standards. Words like “ethics” and “integrity” were not to be taken lightly. Too bad ABC News doesn’t seem to hold its journalists to the same standards.

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