Late to bed, late to rise

I would like to get up at 5 am. There is so much that I can accomplish in those early morning hours: uninterrupted, quiet, calm, peaceful. I love that time of day.

Bill would like to get up at 6 am. He doesn’t have to leave, usually, until after 8 am, and he hates to rush. But two hours for breakfast, getting ready, and reading the Drudge Report is plenty for him.
Unfortunately, in recent weeks, we’ve been living in the Land of Nod. Bill’s classes have him “burning the midnight oil” – notice the lamps on his unit patch? They aren’t kidding.

Bill has been going to bed between midnight and 2 am, and I, stupidly, have been pushing my own bedtime later as well, I guess because I’m not used to going to bed without him. Well, I am used to going to bed without him, but without him physically anywhere nearby. I’m not used to saying goodnight to him and going to sleep while he, poor man, is making himself a cup of tea at 11 pm to help him stay awake.

Yesterday morning, I woke up at 6:53 am. (I had been up an hour earlier with the baby, but fell back asleep.) I nudged Bill to get him up, and then snuggled back into the pillow. A minute later, Bill leaned over me and broke the bad news, “You have a doctor’s appointment.” I had a half hour to get out the door with Mary for her 6 month well baby.

She went in her pajamas.

Last night, I went to bed at 10 pm. I’d like to say it was an act of discipline that put me there, but, honestly, I was loading the washing machine when Mary started to cry. Had I not had to respond to her, I would have gone on to fold the clothes I had taken out of the dryer and possibly tried to put the play room in some sort of order (read: hid 25% of the toys until I can smuggle them out of the house to donate them to the thrift store).

I’m going to force myself to drop everything at 930 pm. Maybe I’ll even set an alarm. I just can’t compete with my husband, and I shouldn’t try. Early to bed, early to rise.

4 thoughts on “Late to bed, late to rise

  1. I have been having the same problem lately. My days have been so long lately, and David takes so long to get to sleep, that at 10pm I’m sneaking off downstairs to have at least 30 mins to myself…which hasn’t happened because my husband and I get in some sort of discussion about money or stuff that needs to be done around the house, etc. I got up at 8am this morning and have been trying to start my day ever since. Your post has inspired me to go to bed early and set an alarm!

  2. wow, i would never schedule a dr. appt before 9am. i am a late riser thoughr

  3. I’m with you on the not going to bed without the hubby thing. Of course, having 2 sleep deprived zombies for parents is not doing the children any good is it? I need to remember that as I sit here on the computer instead of sleeping.

  4. I know I should get to sleep earlier, too. I feel like I’m much more productive when I get up earlier.

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