Running in place

My number one thought while up from 230 to 330 AM with a gassy baby was, “Yippee! Now I have an excuse to not get on the treadmill in the morning!”

I hate the treadmill.

Recently I read an article that said one should always set the elevation to at least 1.0 on a treadmill, because they tend to have a reverse slope, so running on a treadmill is actually easier than running on the street. Well, my treadmill is kicking my rear end more than street running ever did. I can’t believe it’s easier.

Currently, I can run 2 miles at a 12 minute per mile pace. That’s pretty pathetic. 18 months ago, I was doing 3 miles at a 9.5 – 10 mpm pace, which is not exactly speedy, but at least I didn’t feel like a total slug. I was ready to convict myself of delusional timing and wishful thinking, but my official time on the Army Ten Miler in 2006 put me at a 10.5 mpm pace, so I know I was doing better than I am today. I have to keep reminding myself that I do weigh 20 pounds more than I did then, and surely it is harder to propel that extra weight around, right?

Besides the extra weight and the limited running due to pregnancy and newborn care, the treadmill, I think, contributes to a more laborious run. There are no birds chirping or other animal wildlife scampering about and teasing my dog, no smell of honeysuckles or cherry blossoms, no cars to evade or other runners to impress with my sleek, regular strides and excellent form (ha!), no sun barely peeking out over the horizon or late moon lingering in the lightening sky.

Instead, it’s the whirr of the machine and the nagging beeps that remind me I’ve done another lap of the 1/8 mile loop in the computer’s mind, it’s the bleak walls of an unfinished basement and the sight of toys jumbled on the floor or in mixed up bins, it’s the sound of the washing machine and the buzz of the dryer reminding me that I have stuff to do.

Today’s morning temperature was barely above freezing. In fact, they’re calling for snow today and tomorrow. But as next week progresses, the temperatures are expected to go up and the morning air might not be as frigid. I am going to try to go outside for a change. Even if I still plod along slowly, at least I’ll enjoy the run.

And since we’re moving back to the area, I’ve already registered for this fall’s Army Ten Miler. It’s not as ambitious as Laura doing a half-marathon four months after having a baby, but it’s motivation nonetheless. Perhaps this summer, I will do some 5k races just so I have experience racing a more manageable distance.

8 thoughts on “Running in place

  1. I use a treadmill, but for walking not running. And, I read while one it.

  2. Michelle, You’re awesome! That you’re even running at all is amazing enough…don’t worry about time.

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. At least you bother!I don’t have an excuse on a regular basis. I live in housing and there’s a decent gym across the street. I do it in fits and whatnot. Maybe I’ll determine to return and make the fits a regular thing, because you have inspired me.

  5. When you’re feeling not so motivated, think of those of us who applaud your discipline to be on that treadmill at all. I HAVE GOT TO get my act together. Maybe moving to the fittest city in the country will inspire me. Of course, I probably shouldn’t show up as the big slug that I currently am.

  6. Michelle, those are all the reasons I don’t run on a treadmill. While I’ve got the wildlife, I can’t run on our road (the lady down the road does, but she’s braver than me – a semi hurtling at me and not getting over? Too much for me to stomach!) and the super-strong-knock-you-on-your-hiney electric fence coupled with the brambles keeps me from a scenic around-the-property run. Like how I’ve made enough excuses that I just sit here at my kitchen table slurping coffee rather than getting off my duff as you have? If you were my NEIGHBOR, on the other hand, I would have a reason to come down and we could walk together. If we ever got up from the kitchen table where we would be positioned quite comfortably with cute babies… 🙂

  7. While I’m not planning any races, I am going to get on the treadmill today. My foot is a wee bit better (I really think the stretches have helped). I plan on watching the Food Network while I walk — how’s that for motivation? HA! The one thing that I miss on the treadmill in the basement is a breeze.

  8. my treadmill is at a constant incline, cannot be lowered…thus i keep the baby weight firmly on my hipsgood for you…i bet youll get great numbers this week (yet again)r

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