Easter Monday

Mary was napping when I took a picture of the kids yesterday. I got this shot later.

Aren’t the girls’ dresses beautiful? I bought them from Angoraknitter – a Catholic, homeschool, military wife and blogger. Check out her Etsy shop. (Her grandfather just died, so you can maybe offer up a prayer for him and for his family and for a peaceful funeral this week.)

I thought about buying dresses from her last year, but I was concerned that my sensitive-skin kids wouldn’t like the knit tops. But the dresses’ tops are very soft, and I’ve had no complaints from the girls. The skirts are full and fun. My girls wore their dresses all day yesterday, and I was glad I went with the 3/4 sleeves, because we actually had snow flurries in the afternoon.

Lastly, the dresses are reasonably priced. I’m already thinking ahead to Christmas, and I just might become a regular customer.


Holy Thursday

This was the cake I decorated for last night’s Passover remembrance dinner, which is not to be confused with a Christian Seder, since I don’t follow any particular formula. We just eat lamb while I quiz the kids on the related stories from the Bible. I think my decorating skills are improving.
Side note: if you haven’t eaten sweets in 6 weeks, eating cake with this much icing will make you want to puke. It’s a warm up for Sunday, I guess.