Spring cleaning or not

For years, the Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday of Holy Week have been my spring cleaning days. I love to clean, and I especially love to enter the Triduum with a tidy house to match my freshly laundered soul. Ah, the symbolism!

Some years are better than others, but whenever there is an infant about, the reality naturally falls well below my goals. As much as I love a clean house, I love happy babies more. I squeeze the extra chores into naptimes or I get up early or I stay up late, and I do the best I can.

But this year, I haven’t had many breaks from baby-duty. Baby’s first cold turned into baby’s first ear infection, and baby’s preferred place to sleep is in my arms. When I’ve managed to put her down, I am lucky to get a half hour. I’ve gotten most of the dust bunnies out of the upstairs, and some of the windows washed, but the closet organizing and wall-washing will just have to wait for another day, possibly in June, possibly never.

And just in case Mary’s perking up after 24 hours of antibiotics this evening had me thinking I might squeeze in a full day’s labor and get my house shining, I finally concluded, after several days of troubleshooting, that my Animal was not doing its job; it is, in fact, broken! I called the company and they are sending me, for free, a new brush roller, but it won’t get here for seven to ten days.

I’ll keep my hyperventilating to myself.

So in a week or so with no vacuuming, I’ll have fresh dust bunnies to go with my cleansed soul. Lovely.

Hopefully, tomorrow, I will get the kitchen shaped up. I don’t need a vacuum to do that. Holy Thursday Mass is at 5 pm, so we’re having our Passover remembrance meal tomorrow night. I dislike swapping things around, but the schedule will just be too pinched on Thursday. Semper Gumbi.

I eagerly anticipate Easter.

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